Although I’m not usually very public about my life, it was my own experience with a children’s hospital that not only saved my life, but changed it forever.

At the age of 15, I was an awkward kid who loved to play sports, but who also sang in the school musicals…  I was happy with life.

One day, during my sophomore year of high school, I felt extremely sick to my stomach. My mother thought I was faking it (to get out of doing schoolwork). But after complaining to her, a few times to many, she said it was off to the hospital with me, if it was THAT bad…

I’m glad I chose to go to local emergency room… moments after arriving, I passed out. Sometime not too long after I came to, I found myself being medevaced to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  Now, with tubes sticking out of every place in my body, I was experiencing the scariest and most painful thing in my life.

Being terrified and lost, the doctors and nurses at Childrens truly helped me feel better.  Doctors were baffled by my illnes, but diligently worked to find a cure – Though the outlook seemed very dim, and my family was preparing for the worst, the staff stayed beside me every step of the way. I was visited by therapy pet’s, local celebrities and athletes which really made this tough time seem a lot more pleasant. I never felt alone, and I knew that great doctors were around me, giving me hope.

There’s no real explanation, but for some reason I was getting better. The doctors informed me that I was one of the very few to show signs of recovering from what they thought was a very serious internal flesh bacterial infection. Although there was no rhyme or reason for my recovery, I knew that it had been the care and love that I received from the hospital that ultimately cured me.

There are many children that get diagnosed with similar illnesses and life threatening diseases every day,  who never recover… but in some cases like mine, they do. That’s why I feel it’s very important to support our local children’s hospitals who give these children and their families hope and the chance to save their lives.

When I “walked” away from this horrible experience in my life, I vowed to give back anyway I could.

This is why I walk.


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