To my friends from around the world, Venezuela needs your help!

At least three people have been shot and killed in Caracas, as protests on “Youth Day” this Wednesday turned deadly. With marches and protests against the Maduro administration escalating over the past two weeks, Venezuela’s political stability cracked on Wednesday. In a deathly crossfire, anti-government demonstrators clashed with security forces and armed, pro-government vigilantes. On-the-ground accounts describe the scene — an armed gang of pro-government vigilantes on motorcycles swarmed in on the group of anti-government protesters and opened fire. Twenty-four-year-old Bazil Da Costa was shot in the head and killed. There are approximately 129 people either missing or arrested and being tortured by the police. With no media coverage in the country (during the protests on Wednesday the last TV channel that was covering the events was forced to shut down) we need your help to spread the word!

If you can take a picture with your name, country and hashtag #ImYourVoiceVenezuela you could help us raise awareness about this tragic situation that Venezuela is going through. #PrayForVenezuela

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